Trekking Kashmir

Pahalgam – Nafran Valley – Harbagwan Lake Trek 4 Nights 5 Days

Trekking in Kashmir does not mean just walking over forested mountains as it combines nature and the local culture. As the trekker climbs higher, the landscape changes. Chinar and poplar trees are replaced by fir, pine and oak and finally Burch trees, the alpine meadows and a profusion of colorful wild flowers. The simple villagers in the plains with their fruit orchards and paddy fields are replaced by migrant families of Nomads / Gujjars, herdsmen who cross the high mountain passes with their cattle in search of greener pastures.

Day 1 Pahalgam To Aru to Kotpathri
We go from Pahalgam to Kot-Pathri. We have pack ponies carrying essentials. Need rain clothes and warm clothes. This place is between two mountains and has mind blowing beauty and fresh water flowing streams. One can see beautiful wild flowers in the way and different species of birds. One can enjoy colorful scenery and can take beautiful snaps. We can pitch our tents here. It takes 5-6 hrs to reach this place. We arrange a night bonfire for your relaxation.

Day 2 Kotpathri to Nafran Valley
After breakfast we move to Nafran it is a pasture where shepherds and nomadic bakerwalas (a tribe which shuttle between Jammu and Kashmir in search of grass for sheep’s, goats and horses). We enjoy at Nafran camp fire till late night. The sight of this fire gives our heart happiness. We sleep in tents and enjoy dreams.

Day 3 Nafran Valley to Harbagwan Lake Back to Nafran Valley
After breakfast we move to Herbagwan Lake. The lake is very big. Here we find ourselves in a different world. One feels in top of the world. For a botanist this is the best place to find different kinds of plants and flowers. We reach back to Nafran and enjoy night here.

Day 4 Nafran Valley to Danwat Glacier back to Nafran
After breakfast we pack our lunch and begin for yet another thrilling woderspot called Danawath. It is on a very high altitude. We will hence not find pine trees but Birch trees provide a different look. We will find a small spring with clear and transparent water in it. It is a pasture with different vegetation and flowers. We rest and enjoy our packed lunch. It will take us approx. 5 hrs. to reach here and be back to Nafran.

Day 5 Nafran to Bajpathri Back to Pahalgam
After breakfast we move to yet another beautiful location called Bajipathri. Here one can view the whole Kashmir and see how shepherds make cheese with sheep’s milk. One can take beautiful snaps of flocks of sheep’s. From here return back to Pahalgam by a different route and see many hamlets. Trek ends here.

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