5 Nights 6 Days Trek

The Kolahoi Base Camp Trek route begins in the beautiful flower strewn meadow of Aru, and takes us through the rich pine forest of Lidderwat and Satlanjan (a shepherd’s paradise) to the terminal moraine of the Kolahoi Glacier also know as Kolahoi base camp for mountaineers.

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The Kolahoi Peak, also known as Gashair, has fuelled the dreams of technical climbers and ski mountaineers since the early 1900s.This incredible trek of Kolahoi Base Camp Trek takes us deep inside the forest of Lidder Vally and over high alpine pastures, as we venture towards the Kolahoi Glacier/ Kolahoi Base Camp to get up close to this mighty peak. (5734m) metres.

The Kolahoi Base Camp Trek route begins in the beautiful flower strewn meadow of Aru, and takes us through the rich pine forest of Lidderwat and Satlanjan (a shepherd’s paradise) to the terminal moraine of the Kolahoi Glacier also know as Kolahoi base camp for mountaineers.

It is beautiful trek starts through the pine forests and beautiful meadows of breath taking views on the way to Kolahoi Glacier. It is also biggest and highest glacier peak in Kashmir.


Day 1: Pahalgam to Aru to Lidderwat

We start from Pahalgam by a car in the Morning and reach to Aru in half hour.From Aru we go on foot to the wonder spot Lidderwath . We can also go by horses. Aru is eleven kilometers from Pahalgam and Lidderwath is also eleven kilometers from Aru. All along th way we live the scenery of lush green pine trees and of the serpentine tributary of river Lidder, singing all the time. We arrange all types of equipments needed for trekking . Beauty surrounding best assimilated when we are on foot.We can enjoy lunch at place called Draaidar.while walking we would feel beauty. The mind blowing beauty gives out heeling energy.
The medicine for heart and mind. We rest and resume for Lidderwath. We reach to Lidderwath. It takes us four hours on foot to reach Lidderwath. It is a wonderland . it is regarded one of the best spots. Here we camp and feel home away from home. It is almost plain meadows with big two streams flowing along its two sides sourrounding us are mountains covered with pines. All along the way here at Lidderwath we would see gipsy families living in mud houses during warm months of the year. These families have their own traditional culture not affected by so to modern culture. They are simple people.their they rear cattle and sell milk and milk products. We enjoy at Lidderwath camp fire till late night. The sight of this fire gives our heart happiness. We sleep in tents and enjoy dreams.

Day 2 Lidderwat to Satlanjan

Day After breakfast at Lidderwat we are ready for another magic spot called Satlanjan. Here we could find ourselves in a different kind of land between the mountains. A big stream flows along east. Here camp and take lunch lunch. We say here for night. Here we find cluster of gypsy families.

Day 3 Satlanjan to Kolhai Glacier back to Satlanjan

  After breakfast we begin for Kolhi glacier. – The source of river Jehlum flowing through the middle of Kashmir. It takes us three hours to reach Kolhi Glacier .it is impressive. Here we would find shepherd families rearing sheep. It takes us to three to reach to Kolhi and two hours to reach back to Satlanjan we enjoy another night at Satlanjan..

Day 4 Satlanjan to Royal Basmai Back to Satlanjan

After breakfast in the morning we start for Rohil a beautiful spot. It is on the right side of the Satlanjan. It takes us three hours to reach Rohil. It is a beautiful spot of nature. Here we would find flowers of different kinds and Birch trees. Here we would find gypsy families and shepherds. Every new minute will provide us a different feeling of beauty. Here we camp and take lunch. We enjoy here night.


Day 5 Satlanjan to Doodhsar Back to Satlanjan

 After breakfast start journey towards Dodsar Lake. After a couple of hours we will reach a spectacular conical hill top that will offer breath-taking views of the lake. The walk up to the lake will fill you with thrill and excitement as you cross a stream through rocks and boulders, before reaching the Dodsar grassland, return back to Satlanjan campsite for the night.

Day 6 Satlanjan to Lidderwat or Back to Pahalgam

In the morning after breakfast we begin for Liddewath. Here we camp, take lunch and enjoy camp fire.

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February 21, 2017

Hi guys, I came all my way from Germany to Pahalgam kashmir and I spent 5nights and 6days there, that was very incredible.
I had lot of fun with shaban and his crew. He is really good and reliable trekking guide in pahalgam. He knows really the interesting places. I stayed in waterproof tents, I was treated like a king, whatever you want to do during trekking would be available… Lone shaban is competent and reliable, he speaks good English,. He is professional and take care of me for 5nights and 6days. I had a wonderful time during the trip.
I will highly recommend lone shaban and his company (www.endlesstourandtravels.com).
May contact lone shaban Pahalgam
Contact no:+919419585785
E mail:loneshaban@yahoo.com

March 3, 2017

Hi everyone!

I highly recommend Shaban as a trekking guide. He is a wonderful person who i have stayed in contact with for years after trekking with him, both my brothers have gone and trekked with him also and we all share the same high opinion of Shaban. The trekking around Kashmir is epic as well!!

March 3, 2017

Hi I spent a week in Pahalgam in Sept. 2014 and had a simply fabulous time hiking the region with Shaban as my guide. On the one day when the weather wasn’t conducive to hiking, we went on a horseback ride to an area I would otherwise not have seen. He knows the mountains in the region like the back of his hand, and can relate stories of events and people who have made this incredible region their home.  Shaban is simply an amazing guide, knowledgable, friendly, and caring.  If I ever have the chance to go back to Kashmir, I will not miss the opportunity to hike with him again.i highly recommend to hike with shaban and his tour company (www.endlesstourandtravels.com).

March 4, 2017

We just completed a trek in Kashmir, in Pahalgam with “Endless tours and travels” run by our local guide Lone Shaban. The trek through the Lidder Valley was magic. The Valleys are green and the mountains are spectacular. Our guide Shaban was first rate. His knowledge of the region is excellent and his operation is experienced and reliable. We ate delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner on every day of our trek and the friendliness and hospitality of Shaban and his team will be long remembered. We highly recommend trekking with Shaban.

Shaban speaks excellent english and is readily contactable on +91-9419585785. or +91 9858791747 or by email at loneshaban@yahoo.com

March 4, 2017

Yes ,if you decide to trek to Kolahoi Glacier or Tarsar Marsar lake you must need a very reliable and dependable trekking guide,otherwise you would be cheated. In my experience Mr. Lone Shaban, Pahalgam ( Ph. +91-9419585785. loneshaban@yahoo.com) is the best one.

I have trekked Kolahoi Glacier in July ,2016 with my family with two kids(5 years old). It was a burning situation in Kashmir valley that time. Strike,curfew,militancy collapsed almost everywhere. But Mr.Lone shaban arranged vehicle with another reliable driver to make our entire journey secure and when we arrived in Pahel gam he and his team were ready to receive us.It was really unbelievable at that situation. He provided accommodation instantly at Pahelgam as we reached there at night 1:30 am and during return from the trek again as military did not allow us to depart from Pahelgam due to some crisis.Trekking experience was very nice and safe as he gave his best effort for our care and comfort. He can speak English and a well known person in that area.Trekking gears and pony team was excellent.

So I recommend him and his company (www.endlesstourandtravels.com) as an honest and dependable TREKKING GUIDE without any hesitation.

March 7, 2017

The resplendence of nature magnifies with a good guide. We recently did a trek through the mountains and meadows of Aru, Lidderwat, Tarsar and Kolohoi to reach those unseen spots untouched by inundating tourists in Kashmir. These are the places where Government has not reached to promote development. The road to these places is made by the footprints of Bakarwals and Gujars who walk with their herds during summers to feed their animals’ fresh and nutritious grass and spare them from scorching heat. Other than them, these paths are often crossed by trekkers. On our first such trek, we were apprehensive that we won’t be able to live through the six days of grueling trek. Along with us were the organizer, Shaban Lone and his associate Rafiq, two compulsive trekkers and passionate explorers. Shaban designed the itinerary based on the places we wished to visit and he was thoughtful that we utilize our energy judiciously. He does everything on his own-treks, guides and cooks which makes him relatively economical. Quite articulate, it was a delight to have conversations with him discussing range of issues-politics, crafts, society, bakarwals and environment. If you are not a regular trekker and don’t wish to invest in the necessary equipments, Shaban has them all well maintained and clean. From all the aspects, Shaban allowed us the space to unwind, reflect and relax while he unveiled to us the paradise . I highly recommend Shaban and his company (www.endlesstourandtravels.com)..

Shaban can be contacted at tel:00919419585785

March 7, 2017

I visited Pahalgam late last year and spent two weeks with Shaban as a guide and his company (www.endlesstourandtravels.com) . I had an incredible time and felt right at home. I would highly recommend anyone who is planning on heading to Kashmir to contact Shaban first, as he organised everything from the moment I stepped out of the airport!

March 11, 2017

We were two families (four adults and four kids…all above 12 years of age) visiting Kashmir for the first time. We trekked to Lidderwat from Aru as we wanted our kids to experience Nature. We stayed one night in Aru in waterproof tents and the two nights in Lidderwat. There was no phone connectivity, no urban comforts….only Nature all around. Kashmir is extremely beautiful and so are its people. It is truly worth experiencing Kashmir’s natural beauty on foot.
Lone Shaban and his company (www.endlesstourandtravels.com) was great . He is an excellent guide, reliable, fun to be with, speaks good English, knows the routes and competent. Anyone who wants to go trekking in Kashmir can contact him on +919419585785.

April 17, 2017

So, tomorrow I return once again to the states, California, but I can no longer call it my only home. From the past 2weeks kashmiri grassy hilltops have become my bed, the crystal blue rivers my water and the people were more than family. I can say nothing to measure with the warmth of Shaban and his trekking crew. Shaban was funny, nice, knowledgeable, compassionate tour guide that showed me places that made me believe Heaven is on earth. I found more peace in the amazing nature of kashmir than any Church or Temple. Apart from guiding Shaban is also a nice cook. Srinagar is like a dream a town of people that live upon water, it’s magical.
Tomorrow I surely have to leave this paradise, but I’d like to think that all ends in life are just the beginning,

April 17, 2017

November 1999
My friend and I were brought to Pahalgam for a short visit and were introduced to lone shaban, who immediately took charge of our welfare here and made our stay most enjoyable. A highlights of our trip was a 10day excursion to the Aru area, where we camped and trekked and rode the ponies and had a wonderful time! Shaban was very caring and protective attitude ensured that we felt in safe hands at all times and his knowledge of the area allowed us to see all the beautiful sights. Shaban organised the whole excursion to kolhai, taking care of all our needs and comforts, including a good tent and good hot food and packed lunches. We were delighted with the trip. In fact, it started out as a 6days trip and we were enjoying ourselves so much we extended for an extra 4days.
I would not hesitate to recommend lone shaban to my fellow travelers and feel confident that he would always ensure a most enjoyable and memorable stay for all.

April 17, 2017

19May 2001
Dear Travellers
I have recently been staying in Pahalgam where we have trekked and camped for 6days. Inspite of the advice lonely Planet advices in regards to travel to kashmir. We found kashmir to be one of the most Peacefull place we have visited in India.
The places we trekked was as follows to Aru as a base camp then through to Lidderwatt Valley. All of these treks were of country side and views that were truely amazing, I have seen some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen.
In one single view one can see mountains covered with snow on all sides, waterfalls, rivers flowing fast from the fresh snow melting on the mountains. The valley are alive with green growth, as well as the unique experience of seeing the Gypsy people and their homes. This was very special and the type of experience unique to kashmir.
The trek guide lone shaban was completely reliable warm and friendly, and the quality of food was exceptional. Shaban is also a great cook apart from guiding.
The equipments etc was all in good hands of the true Mountain Man. I will be sure to return kashmir. It’s hard to leave.
Miss you Shaban and your crew
Miss you kashmir

April 18, 2017

My first visit to Kashmir and we were left spellbound. We spent a whole day sight seeing in the company of Shaban and it was a day well spent. We were treated really specialty and with great care by Shaban and his advice and arrangements for us were truly beyond expectations.

July 21, 2017

What an amazing week we had! We feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled across Lone Shaban’s name and company whilst browsing Trip Advisor; with great communication before and during the trek, we really couldn’t have asked for a more reliable, professional and organised experience. Alongside the great company and great conversation, we had amazing food at every mealtime- omelettes, curries, rice, tea, coffee and hot chocolate- we left every meal feeling stuffed. We had professional standard tents and sleeping bags so we were never cold, he even leant us both rain coats and walking boots. Shaban, Irfan and the rest of the team helped us more than we could imagine and always catered for our needs. When we had a few issues leaving Pahalgam, they went above and beyond to make sure we were safe and happy at all times. We can’t thank them enough and would happily recommend to anyone! We will keep in touch!

March 3, 2018

We just concluded a 8 night trip to Kashmir. Covering Sri nagar, gulmargh n Pahalgam. We did sightseeing, nature walking, shopping etc.

Shaban did our arrangements for us and accompanied us through the tour. He is knowledgeable, caring and warm. He stays when he is needed and moves away when we needed our private time. Being a local he also introduced us to many people through whom we learned abt the history of the kashmiri people and their struggles.

We being from Singapore, have high standards. And Shaban fulfilled them all with his service. Even the driver hired by him, was very helpful and cheerful all the time.

We even had a lunch and dinner at his family home. We are now friends than customers. Kashmir is a wonderful place and Shaban is the best person to see it with. Honest, helpful, sincere and kind.

March 3, 2018

My friend and I spend about 11days trekking in Kashmir Valley and sightseeing in Srinagar with Shaban.
I got his contract through TA and contacted him. It was our 1st trip to Kashmir and I cannot thank Shaban enough for giving us a mind blowing experience. Special thanks to Irfan & Shabir too who made sure that all our daily needs were taken care of. Shaban, a simple man with heart of gold does his job with passion and went all out to ensure that we were safe and well taken care. He and his team gave a new meaning to the level of service. He truly is a genuine guy. Feel free to PM if you need more details. Thank you

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