The lake appears greenish in colour because of its lush green meadows that surrounds it making it a breathtaking beauty to admire.   The lake form a wonderful rocky trekking trail and provide great opportunities to explore the richness of Jammu and Kashmir tourism. The Royal Lake trail starts in Aru and is moving across valleys and high altitude passes and their glaciers where the melting water is feeding the lakes. The beauty and calmness of this trail is simply breathtaking. The trail takes you to one of the highest peaks – Mt. Kolahoi (17,800 ft) – which is surrounding the Kashmir Valley. After this highlight you´ll be moving on to the famous lakes of Tarsar and Marsar. Those two lakes are only accessible in summer as due to the high altitude the trail is most of the year covered in snow. On this trek you will also get to see cultural highlights – such as shepherd villages. You will come across their families and herds druing the trek. The interaction with the people tells you a lot about the harsh and exhausting life in the Kashmir Himalayas. The trek is rated as difficult. So be prepared for breathtaking but long and tough walks.


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