The Lidder river in Pahalgam offers a great challenge to the adventure enthusiasts with the touch of beauty. To make it a great river rafting experience, the tribulant river gives the challenge same as the rugged mountains. The river rafting in Pahalgam has 2, 3 and 4 rapids for the adventure lovers.

As is the challenge of the turbulent rivers for white water rafting, so are the challenges of rock climbing on the rugged mountain ranges. Kashmir is home to many glaciers which have given rise to the mighty rivers of India and in this state, they are wild streams running over tortuous boulders and uneven rocky beds, making deep gorges and forming white rapids with foaming water.

The Lidder river in Pahalgam cuts through an intricate network of gorges, forests, mountainous villages and other varying landscapes, providing a challenging environment for white water rafting. This river provides a perfect place for white water rafting courses where rafting enthusiast are taught how to guide their rafts past the rocky outcrops, manoeuvring over falls, deep gradients, narrow gorges and other obstacles.

River rafting courses have varying levels of difficulty and they are graded accordingly. For those who are about to experience white water rafting in Pahalgam, they should determine with their local tours or adventure sports guide as to what type of rafting they should do as per level of expertise experience. Usually the river rafting is not available on all seasons since the water volume in the river should be adequate enough. One also needs to be equipped with necessary safety gear and also should have the basic knowledge of swimming so that one can save themselves and others in case of accidents such as capsizing of rafts. Many adventure camps and tours offer insurances to passengers so that they can claim damages in case of accidents or losses.

Thus, river rafting in Pahalgam offers a unique and exciting experience to adventure sports enthusiasts.